sheet metalwork

Sheet Metalwork

The Leedsheath sheet metalwork department has produced precision components for the military, formula 1 racing teams, environmental and marine industry, healthcare equipment, gaming machine components , display units plus many more. Laser Cutting
4 kw, 3mtr x 1.5mtr bed, :
0.5-20mm, Mild steel:
0.5-12mm, Stainless Steel:
0.5-10mm. Aluminium
Fully Autocad/3D supported.
CNC Punching
21 point multi turret shape system.
Form Presswork
3 x CNC 100 tonne x 2.5 mtr press , 10mm thickness.
2 x 80 tonne x 1.25 single stroke volume press, 6mm.
Welding capability
12 certified welder/fabricators in TIG/MIG and ARC ferrous and non ferrous.

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